Mini MOOC on Climate related Financial Risks - Part 2

Langage: English
Type de ressources: Mini-MOOC
 9 November 2022 
Offered by : AFD
 5 modules
 Certificate of achievement
 Between 45 min and 1h 

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In the first part of this mini-MOOC, we introduced the main concepts to understand climate-related financial risks, their potential impacts on financial stability and on financial sector supervision. We also shared the first steps taken by AFD Group to understand and measure the climate risks to which its partners, and therefore indirectly AFD through its financing operations, are exposed. So how do climate risks impact economic actors? How are they exposed and what are the transmission channels?

In these 4 new videos, our AFD experts will help you analyse the specific mechanisms through which financial climate risks can affect different types of economic actors.

First of all, we will discuss the macroeconomic impact of climate risks on the economy of a country or a region from the perspective of country risk analysis.

In the 3 following videos, we will try to understand how financial climate risks can affect local authorities, financial institutions and companies.

Through this course, we will provide you with simplified analysis grids to better understand these risks. These awareness and knowledge are key to move towards more resilient and low-carbon economies!


This 1-hour course, available in 3 languages, allows you to understand what these risks are, to understand why the financial sphere is interested in them and sheds light on the approaches of regulators and those of banks, through concrete examples.

1 Module 1: Macroeconomic analysis of climate risks and country risk approach.

Marion Hémar, Country Risk Economist - AFD

2 Module 2 : Focus on local authorities. How does financial climate risk affect local authorities?

Olivier Jacques, Project Team Leader - AFD

3 Module 3 : Focus on financial institutions. Why is the low-carbon and resilient transition a major challenge for financial system actors ?

Léo Gaborit, “Financial Systems” Project Team Leader - AFD

4 Module 4 : Focus on companies.

Nahed Saab, Project Team Leader / Senior Business Manager - AFD


Each module is followed by a short sequence of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) lasting about 5 minutes to review the key elements of the training, to ensure your knowledge and check your understanding. 

Additional documents are available to go into the subject with more details.


Enjoy the course !