Towards carbon neutrality through Long-Term Strategies (LTS)

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Type de ressources: Parcours digital
3 December 2021 
Offered by : AFD
 2 modules
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 Between 40 mins and 1h

Long Term Strategies for mitigation and resilience

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The digital course "Towards Carbon Neutrality: Long-Term Strategies" will provide insight into the process of designing national long-term planning strategies for carbon neutrality and resilience. 


In the wake of the signing of the Paris Agreement (2015), the Determined National Contributions have been submitted by some signatory countries as a first milestone of their commitment to carbon neutrality and resilience. Today, the countries committed to this pathway must implement these objectives by developing low-carbon development trajectories at the local level and by integrating the challenges of resilience to the effects of climate change. 

Which economic sectors are concerned? Which actors are involved in the process? How can we ensure that these strategies are consistent with other public policy plans? In concrete terms, which strategies have been submitted to the UNFCCC?

Finally, how can we achieve carbon neutrality? 

These are the questions that you will address throughout this training session, which is structured in two parts: 

  • How to achieve carbon neutrality? The process of developing Long Term Strategies (20 minutes)
  • Case study on the design of Colombia's long-term strategy (20 minutes)

The program
1 Module 1: How to achieve carbon neutrality? Processes for the elaboration of Long Term Strategies
2 Module 2: Case study on the design of Colombia's long-term strategy


Each digital module offers an integrated assessment of learning. Quizzes and exercises are offered throughout the course. 

Complementary documents are available for learners who wish to go further into the topics covered.

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