Mini MOOC on Climate related Financial Risks - Part 1

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Type de ressources: Mini-MOOC
3 December 2021 
Aprox. 1 hour
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Climate related Financial Risks - Part 1

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After the COP26, how can we take action to integrate the financial risks linked to climate change into our activities?

The objective of this Mini-MOOC is to provide keys to understanding the financial risks related to climate change. This course will enable you to understand what physical and transition risks are, the challenges they pose for regulators and financial institutions, and how taking them into account can contribute to the transformation of the economy.

This Mini-MOOC Financial Climate Risks developed with AFD partners is one that will provide you with complementary approaches explained by experts in the field.


This one-hour course, available in three languages, will help you understand what these risks are, why the financial sector is interested in them, and will shed light on the approaches of regulators and banks, through the concrete example of our group.

The program includes:

>1. Issues and concepts to understand financial climate risks, Benoit Leguet, Director of I4CE

2. Why do climate risks represent a risk for global financial stability and what are the approaches to better take them into account? Morgan Després, Director of Strategy at the Banque de France and former Secretary of the Network for Greening the Financial System.

3. The French regulator's approach to integrating financial climate risks into its supervisory practices with financial institutions, Laurent Clerc, Director of Research and Risk Analysis at the ACPR

4. AFD's approach to integrating financial climate risks into its risk management, Thomas Nicolas de Lamballerie, Deputy Head of the Credit Risk Division and Camille Laurens-Villain, Climate Finance Expert in AFD's Strategy Department.

5. AFD Group's roadmap for better integrating financial climate risks both as a bank and as a development agency, Camille Laurens-Villain and Mariana Deheza, AFD climate finance experts

The program
1 Module 1: What are financial climate risks? Benoit Leguet, Managing Director of I4CE
2 Module 2: What challenges for global financial stability? Morgan Després, Banque de France
3 Module 3: The approach of regulators: Laurent Clerc, ACPR
4 Module 4: The approach of financial institutions: Thomas Nicolas de Lamballerie and Camille Laurens Villain, AFD
Module 5: AFD's roadmap, Mariana Deheza and Camille Laurens-Villan, AFD


Each video module is followed by a short sequence of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) lasting about 5 minutes, which allow learners to review the key elements of the training, to ensure that they have learned and to check their understanding.

Additional documents are made available to learners who wish to go further into the topics covered.

  • Agence Française de Développement (AFD): The "AFD" group implements France's development and international solidarity policy. 

We wish you a good course!